Kids websites!

Posted by Mezo | Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here are a few wonderful websites for your kids, educational and entertainment websites that allows kids to have fun and also learn something.


Plenty of wonderful games in this site! Very nice graphics, interactive games and the site is fast and easy to use.

2-Tiny Planets:
Bing and Bong will take you to many interesting games, puzzles and videos in addition to many information and interesting stuff about planets and the outer space. Also some basic info about light, seasons and nature.

3-Tobeto Games:

This site has some games for kids like smashing and the monkey kick off, the games are really funny for kids (little kids!).

Contains a Petcyclopedia of all the animals you could have as pets and how to care for them, IT has many many information about dogs,cats,reptiles,fish,horses and birds.

All Pets will tell you about the requirments and what you need for your pets and lots of information for beginners on pets and animals.

Wallpapers, games, drawing,puzzles,stories and many fun activities for kids.

More sites will be added later.