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Make Money Online by Taking Surveys (for US citizens)

You may wonder if people can really make money online, the short answer is : Yes, of course!There are plenty of ways to make money online, not a passive income or free prizes, no you get paid for doing something (writing, putting ads on your site, selling a product, writing or participating in surveys).Large companies in the market need to identify the market needs, what people need and what hey just don't like or need. They need your opinion and will pay for it
Rewarded Opinions is one of the sites you can participate in. By participating in surveys and giving your opinion you earn a number of point, the points are converted to money which is sent to you (for us residents).From their website :
How does the point system work?
We have designed a point system that is easy to understand. Each point is worth 1 cent, so completing a survey for 50 CREDIT POINTS will reward you with 50 cents. Once you have reached 2000 CREDIT POINTS, you are able to cash your points in for actual cash.

How c…

Windows Slow Boot

Sometimes your computer becomes very slow even if tried everything from deleting unnecessary files to using softwares that accelerate your windows and claim to make your PC faster.

Most of the time, the problem lies in the Windows Registry. The registry is a huge database that contains all information about your computer, these information are needed to perform any task by the computer.

The windows registry contains information about your hardware, installed software, the file system, user profiles, power management and every piece of software that you installed on the PC, and lot more.

Sometimes the Registry information gets corrupted, sometimes errors occur, leading to corruption of some data in the registry causing many errors in windows, slow performance and slow boot. You can't edit the registry unless you are a proffessional user, otherwise you may cause damage to your system.

Scan The Registry now for free. Repairing the registry system will really solve your problems and impro…

Let's Happy Christmas !

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Funny English :).
Happy new year.