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How things work?

The internet can be really overwhelming and as much fun and entertainment you can find on it, you can also find huge amonts of information on any given topic. Have you ever had any question in your mind such as how a roller coaster works? or when do babies talk?

There are alot of sites that can answer all these question. Most of questions on your mind, you will find them already answered at these sites, and you can also ask new questions and get answers from proffessionals and people who simply know te answer because there are millions of people on these sites who can enlight others and of course ask others about what they don't know. Some of these are :
The name says it all, you can find alot of how tos at this site.
Here you can ask ANY question you want.
It contains articles about anything!

If you know more or better sites, feel free to post them in te comments section below.