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seehcri.sys Error problem caused by Sony Ericsson PC suite

Many people have encountered problems with error messages saying that this file: seehcri.sys has caused an unexpected error and it also makes some of your USB ports not working. The program Sony Ericsson PC Suite, specially the live update service seems to be controlling the USB controllers somehow by creating a virtual one "Sony Ericsson seehcri Device Driver" ; or that is how many people understand the problem.

Let's talk about some solutions available, some of which I tried and worked. First thing to do is to uninstall/delete these device drivers from your device manager, right click on My computer then choose properties and then you will find device manager on the left.

After doing that, many people found that the problem is solved by only deleting the "update service" that comes with the PC suite software. You can find it by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features and then look for "update service" and uninstall it. No find the…
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Play Games on Google Plus !

If you are a Google plus user you can now play some great games and time killer like the famous Angry Birds, others include diamond Dash, Crime city, City of Wonder and a few others.

You will find the games icon at the top of the page next to the Google banner with the home, photos, profile and circles icons. Your contacts can see your achievements and high scores if they are interested in the game.

There are now more than 10 million Google+ users who can enjoy these games and share the fun with their friends and contacts, which adds to the social networking experience, of course. The games will be available gradually to everyone and more games will be added in the future.

That's a happy news at least for me because I'm a BIG fan of Angry Birds, I wish they could also add the amazing Angry Birds Rio in the future :).

P.S. If you don't have a Google plus account yet you can ask someone who already have an account to send you an invitation, it is so easy.

E-Book Readers Comparison: Kindle Vs. ipad

E-Reding and wireless reading devices are spreading everywhere nowadays as companies find new ways to attract avid readers and gadget lovers. The two popular e-book reading devices are the Kindle from and iPad from Apple, both have great reviews and many advantages that you should consider before making the decision.

The iPad has an LCD screen (like new laptops) while the Kindle uses the e-Ink technology and they both allow you to download and read e-books, PDF files, bookmark the pages you want, browse the web, listen to music, etc.

There are many reviews and comparisons between the two devidces, so I'll try to focus on the important advantages and disadvantages of both. The important question is: what are you going to use it for?

The Kindle seems to beat the iPad in terms of book download as the Amazon bookstore allows you to downloadhundreds of thousands of books, get your magazines and mewspapers delivered to you before everyone as well as the ability to buy new books …

How to save Bookmarks on your hardisk or online

If you are planning to format your hard disk drives or just wanna have a back up of your bookmarks or favourite websites, you should consider save them, specially for those with a large list with sub-folders.

This applies to all browsers: INternet Explorer, Flock, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
In IE: Click on File > Import and Export. Then Choose Export from your browser and in the next window check "favourites". The same steps in Mozilla can be applied but in the bookmarks menu instead of the "file" menu.

Then you choose the location of the file and it will be saved as an html file. You can save the file and "import" it later to the browser in the same way you exported it.

Another wa to avoid this is by using an online bookmaring website, this way, you favourites are always stored online and you never lose them, you can name them and give them tags and file them under categories.

When using online bookmarking sites, you can choose wether to make your …

Software for watching TV on PC !

You are most likely visiting this page because you are searching for a software to watch TV on your PC or laptop. Watching TV on your computer is much better than using TV because you get more channels and you don't have to pay the cable company every month.

What do I need and which software should I get?

All you need is a computer, broadband internet connection (ADSL, cable, etc) and a software to watch TV channels on PC or laptop. You will only buy a software for a price much less than what you have to pay for the cable every month, and you only pay it once!

That's it, no hardware needed, no additional fees, you just need an internet connection and a software. Apparently, there are so many programs for this, but you have to search for the one with the easy interface, more channels and of course, less price.

Here are 2 of the best programs available, you can compare between the 2 of them and choose the one you like, my personal recommendation? They are excellent! But I like the f…

The new Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

It's the latest Mac OS. The Mac OS X version 10.6 snow leopard is the newest Mac OS available, a great upgrade for all Mac OS users all over the world. The strong UNIX based OS comes with many new functions and features such as the time machine, Boot Camp, Quick Look, new Exposé and so many other features.

The new OS is faster, more reliable with improved graphics, booting time, better colors for digital images with the new gamma.

Contextual menus which come out of Dock icons now have more options and have a new look, with a semi-transparent charcoal background and white type.

Exposé can now display all windows for a single program by left clicking and holding its icon in the dock. Windows are arranged in a new grid pattern.

It's definitly faster. You can upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard for just $29. Or buy it from for only $24.99.

Watch Dilbert online : Streaming episodes for free

In this topic, I'll try to put as many links as I can for those who want to watch Dilbert online for free. The Dilbert cartoon is really loved by many people and I'm one of them, so here are the links:

(Please enjoy, and if you have any additional links you can post them in the reply section).

Streaming Episodes
This site is easy to use and quick too, it doesn't ask you to download a software to your PC or something. They have season 1 & 2.

For U.S. citizens only, has got a large set of shows.
Classified and titled episodes, all high quality. Not available in all countries.

Haven't tried it myself.
You can still search for some episodes but there are no many full episodes there.

Dilbert, ratbert, Dogbert, his boss, co-workers, who is you favourite character(s) in the show? Tell us why do you like Dilbert, share your opinion.