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Show/hide the menu bar Internet Explorer

Sometimes these things happen, if you have accidentally hidden the menu bar in Internet explorer 7 or 8 there is a way to restore it back. If just hate the menu bar and want to hide the same steps apply.

After you open IE follow these steps :

Do one of the following:

•In Internet Explorer 8, click the Tools button, point to Toolbars, and then click Menu Bar.

•In Internet Explorer 7, click the Tools button, and then click Menu Bar.

Source: Microsoft.

Firefox auto complete feature

The auto complete feature in mozilla firefox and interenet explorer will auto complete the data you type in, whether it's a URL address, form information or usernames and passwords. You can enable or turn it off (disable). When enabled, the browser will give you options for auto complete after you type the first 2-3 letters, these suggestions come from the stored data in the history.

To turn off auto complete in Firefox follow these steps in your Mozilla firefox browser:

1- Click on the "tools" menu then choose "Clear private data".

2- Check only "Saved form and search history" and click Ok.

3- You can also check "Browsing history" if you want to disable website address auto complete.

How to disable Internet Explorer auto complete?

1- Open IE.

2-Select the "Tools" menu, then "internet options".

3-Click on the tab "Content" up in the window that popped-up.

4-Next to the "Auto complete" section, click on "S…