Windows Slow Boot

Posted by Mezo | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometimes your computer becomes very slow even if tried everything from deleting unnecessary files to using softwares that accelerate your windows and claim to make your PC faster.

Most of the time, the problem lies in the Windows Registry. The registry is a huge database that contains all information about your computer, these information are needed to perform any task by the computer.

The windows registry contains information about your hardware, installed software, the file system, user profiles, power management and every piece of software that you installed on the PC, and lot more.

Sometimes the Registry information gets corrupted, sometimes errors occur, leading to corruption of some data in the registry causing many errors in windows, slow performance and slow boot. You can't edit the registry unless you are a proffessional user, otherwise you may cause damage to your system.

Scan The Registry now for free. Repairing the registry system will really solve your problems and improve your PC performance and speed, making your system more stable and fast.
Here's another site for an easy registry scan, for free.
And another free registry scanning website.

Use any of the 3 sites above to scan your registry for problems and repair it.
Read this post about some tips you can do by yourself to Make Your Compuer Faster (no software needed)

I hope that helped.