Windows Msconfig tool

Posted by Mezo | Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hi everyone.. Today we are gonna use a very simple tool in windows calles MSCONFIG. One of the things it will help you to do is to prevent any program that you don't need to start automatically with windows, so if there are some programs that just start themselves every time you login to windows, you can use it to stop these programs.

Go to Start menu, then choose Run :

Now type "msconfig" without the quotation marks as in the image above, press Enter.

You will see a window like this one, choose the Start up tab:

This contains all the application that start everytime you start your computer. Some of them are windows components so you just leave them alone. Uncheck any program that you don't want to start with windows. If you don't know some of them don't do anything, just leave them, check/uncheck only the programs you know.

I hope that helped :)