What is a Web Browser?

Posted by Mezo | Saturday, December 06, 2008

Simply, a web browser is the program you are using right now to read this website! It's a software that can access the World Wide Web(WWW).

Websites are built using some programming languages and techniques like HTML, CSS, RSS, etc. A web browser must understand HTML (HyperText Markup Language) protocol and to produce the output page for you.

A web browser allows you to read text, images, videos and other graphical plugins. But why do some websites appear different when I use a different browser? Simply because each browser has it's way in formatting web pages and producing them, some websites are viewed better with a certain browser. Have you ever seen "This site is best viewed using IE7 " ? yes, that's what I mean :)

Some of the Web browsers currently available for personal computers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, Avant Browser, Konqueror, Google Chrome, Flock, Arachne, Epiphany, K-Meleon and AOL Explorer.