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What is RSS ?

What are RSS Feeds?

We all surf the internet and find alot of good web sites and pages that we want to remember/save their links. We like to know the recent news on some topic(s). We love to be updated.

So, some of us memorize the addresses of their favourite websites, some bookmark them in their favourite/bookmarks list, others use social bookmarking sites.

I'm sure you've seen the the icon to the lef and the word RSS alot in new websites. RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication) which means you don't have to check your favourite websites for updates, you don't need to go to your favourite news website everytime you are looking for updates, this can be hard specially if you have a long list of these sites.

RSS brings updates from all your favourite websites down to you! at your service. Every update or change in these websites will be shown to you in a (Reader) like Google Reader.

When you subscribe to these sites' feeds, they will "feed" your reader with new updates. So a reader is a place to find all the updates of your favourite websites.

If you have a blog /website you can incorporate any RSS Feed you want in your blog using a RSS to Blog Widget. So your visitors will see any new update coming from the feed you have put on your site, but make sure the feed is relevant to your blog content.

This video will show your What RSS is in a very, very simple way :


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