E-Reding and wireless reading devices are spreading everywhere nowadays as companies find new ways to attract avid readers and gadget lovers. The two popular e-book reading devices are the Kindle from amazon.com and iPad from Apple, both have great reviews and many advantages that you should consider before making the decision.

The iPad has an LCD screen (like new laptops) while the Kindle uses the e-Ink technology and they both allow you to download and read e-books, PDF files, bookmark the pages you want, browse the web, listen to music, etc.

There are many reviews and comparisons between the two devidces, so I'll try to focus on the important advantages and disadvantages of both. The important question is: what are you going to use it for?

The Kindle seems to beat the iPad in terms of book download as the Amazon bookstore allows you to downloadhundreds of thousands of books, get your magazines and mewspapers delivered to you before everyone as well as the ability to buy new books and novels once they are published. Also, with Kindle, you don't have to search for a hot spot/WiFi as it uses the 3G wireless connection that can be used globally in more than 100 countries, which means you can also take it on your travels and you won't have to buy for a monthly internet connection.

The iPad has other features than just reading. While the web browser in the kindle is just a basic primitive browser, the iPad can give you an amazing experience of browsing the web, checking your e-mail, watching movies and photos are so much fun on the iPad more than a laptop or a mini laptop. You can also play games on it! But what about reading?

The LCD of the iPad is great for leading in dim light and doesn't need you to add a light to it. The problem with the iPad is reading in bright light or in sunlight. The iPad doesn't seem to be a good choice for reading outdoors because of the sun glare (just like the iPhone). Kindle and Kindle DX (the larger version) are amazing with their paper-like screen thanks to the e-ink technology which gives you the feeling of reading a real book. There is no sun glare and less eye strain than in the iPad.

So, Kindle makes reading easier and more comfortable and encourages you to read more. The iPad can't do the same as regards to reading but you can still do so many fun things with, things that you can do on a laptop but with a new touchy experience!

Other differences:
  • Kindle is much cheaper (starting at $259), much more lighter than the iPad.

  • Kindle has longer battery life.
  • Kindle allows you to add notes.

  • The iPad screen is larger.

  • The iPad needs a WiFi connection so you can't download books everywhere. But with Kindle you can download books using the 3G wireless netword anywhere there is a cellular phone connection and you don't have to pay for it.

About the eye strain issue, you should try for yourself and see if Kindle is really better than the iPad for you. Most people find the Kindle more easy on the eyes but a few has mentioned that the 2 devices felt equal for themas regards eye strain.

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