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Software for watching TV on PC !

You are most likely visiting this page because you are searching for a software to watch TV on your PC or laptop. Watching TV on your computer is much better than using TV because you get more channels and you don't have to pay the cable company every month.

What do I need and which software should I get?

All you need is a computer, broadband internet connection (ADSL, cable, etc) and a software to watch TV channels on PC or laptop. You will only buy a software for a price much less than what you have to pay for the cable every month, and you only pay it once!

That's it, no hardware needed, no additional fees, you just need an internet connection and a software. Apparently, there are so many programs for this, but you have to search for the one with the easy interface, more channels and of course, less price.

Here are 2 of the best programs available, you can compare between the 2 of them and choose the one you like, my personal recommendation? They are excellent! But I like the f…

The new Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

It's the latest Mac OS. The Mac OS X version 10.6 snow leopard is the newest Mac OS available, a great upgrade for all Mac OS users all over the world. The strong UNIX based OS comes with many new functions and features such as the time machine, Boot Camp, Quick Look, new Exposé and so many other features.

The new OS is faster, more reliable with improved graphics, booting time, better colors for digital images with the new gamma.

Contextual menus which come out of Dock icons now have more options and have a new look, with a semi-transparent charcoal background and white type.

Exposé can now display all windows for a single program by left clicking and holding its icon in the dock. Windows are arranged in a new grid pattern.

It's definitly faster. You can upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard for just $29. Or buy it from for only $24.99.

Watch Dilbert online : Streaming episodes for free

In this topic, I'll try to put as many links as I can for those who want to watch Dilbert online for free. The Dilbert cartoon is really loved by many people and I'm one of them, so here are the links:

(Please enjoy, and if you have any additional links you can post them in the reply section).

Streaming Episodes
This site is easy to use and quick too, it doesn't ask you to download a software to your PC or something. They have season 1 & 2.

For U.S. citizens only, has got a large set of shows.
Classified and titled episodes, all high quality. Not available in all countries.

Haven't tried it myself.
You can still search for some episodes but there are no many full episodes there.

Dilbert, ratbert, Dogbert, his boss, co-workers, who is you favourite character(s) in the show? Tell us why do you like Dilbert, share your opinion.

How things work?

The internet can be really overwhelming and as much fun and entertainment you can find on it, you can also find huge amonts of information on any given topic. Have you ever had any question in your mind such as how a roller coaster works? or when do babies talk?

There are alot of sites that can answer all these question. Most of questions on your mind, you will find them already answered at these sites, and you can also ask new questions and get answers from proffessionals and people who simply know te answer because there are millions of people on these sites who can enlight others and of course ask others about what they don't know. Some of these are :
The name says it all, you can find alot of how tos at this site.
Here you can ask ANY question you want.
It contains articles about anything!

If you know more or better sites, feel free to post them in te comments section below.

Watch cartoon online for free

Many of us are searching for websites to watch cartoons or anything on TV in general online. Many of the famous TV channels will offer online streaiming and there are some websites that can collect all these streaming sites in one place, all for free!

1-So, your first option is to know what channel you want to watch and check their official website for live streaming.

2-You can just visit any of these sites to watch cartoons online for free :

Online TV (cartoons)

Free TV online. [cartoon]

Choose and watch.

Streamic.All these websites and others offer TV streaming online for free including kids and cartoon channels as well as others. But what if you can't find the channel you want in them? You didn't expect to get everything in this world for free, right? These sites can collect all the streams coming from the official websites of channels that offer online streaming, but what if the channel you want isn't there?

There is an amazing program called Satellite TV for PC which allows …

Kids websites!

Here are a few wonderful websites for your kids, educational and entertainment websites that allows kids to have fun and also learn something.

Plenty of wonderful games in this site! Very nice graphics, interactive games and the site is fast and easy to use.

2-Tiny Planets:
Bing and Bong will take you to many interesting games, puzzles and videos in addition to many information and interesting stuff about planets and the outer space. Also some basic info about light, seasons and nature.

3-Tobeto Games:
This site has some games for kids like smashing and the monkey kick off, the games are really funny for kids (little kids!).

Contains a Petcyclopedia of all the animals you could have as pets and how to care for them, IT has many many information about dogs,cats,reptiles,fish,horses and birds.

All Pets will tell you about the requirments and what you need for your pets and lots of information for beginners on pets and animals.

Wallpapers, games, drawing,puz…

The free AVG Antivirus

80 million users have trusted the AVG Antivirus and interent security softwares to protect them from computer viruses. The amazing thing about AVG Antivirus is it's free version. It privides:
Protection against viruses and spyware.Updating virus definitions.Real time protection.Protection during surfing.Eas to install and use.Compatible with the latest windows versions, Vista and windows 7.The Premium version also hasidentity protection, firewall and anti-spam as well as free customer support.

You can download the free AVG Antivirus from here :

How do I take a screenshot ?

How do I take a screenshot of my desktop or running program?

It's very simple in fact. You can do it by your self or download a little program to do it for you.

The first method:

On your keyboard look for a button called Print Screen or "PRTSC" you will fin it in the upper part of the keyboard above the numbers and to the right of the F12 key in most keyboards.

Now the image is copied to the clipboard. Go to any image editing software you use (photoshop, painshop, etc) or just use "Paint" which comes with all windows versions :

Go to the "Start" menu > "Accessories" then choose "Paint".

Press Crtl + V or Choose "Paste" from the "Edit" menu in Paint or in photoshop.
You can download Screenshot Captor which is a simple program which allows you to take screenshots, save and add effects to them or edit them in anywy you like.

Show/hide the menu bar Internet Explorer

Sometimes these things happen, if you have accidentally hidden the menu bar in Internet explorer 7 or 8 there is a way to restore it back. If just hate the menu bar and want to hide the same steps apply.

After you open IE follow these steps :

Do one of the following:

•In Internet Explorer 8, click the Tools button, point to Toolbars, and then click Menu Bar.

•In Internet Explorer 7, click the Tools button, and then click Menu Bar.

Source: Microsoft.

Firefox auto complete feature

The auto complete feature in mozilla firefox and interenet explorer will auto complete the data you type in, whether it's a URL address, form information or usernames and passwords. You can enable or turn it off (disable). When enabled, the browser will give you options for auto complete after you type the first 2-3 letters, these suggestions come from the stored data in the history.

To turn off auto complete in Firefox follow these steps in your Mozilla firefox browser:

1- Click on the "tools" menu then choose "Clear private data".

2- Check only "Saved form and search history" and click Ok.

3- You can also check "Browsing history" if you want to disable website address auto complete.

How to disable Internet Explorer auto complete?

1- Open IE.

2-Select the "Tools" menu, then "internet options".

3-Click on the tab "Content" up in the window that popped-up.

4-Next to the "Auto complete" section, click on "S…

Make Money Online by Taking Surveys (for US citizens)

You may wonder if people can really make money online, the short answer is : Yes, of course!There are plenty of ways to make money online, not a passive income or free prizes, no you get paid for doing something (writing, putting ads on your site, selling a product, writing or participating in surveys).Large companies in the market need to identify the market needs, what people need and what hey just don't like or need. They need your opinion and will pay for it
Rewarded Opinions is one of the sites you can participate in. By participating in surveys and giving your opinion you earn a number of point, the points are converted to money which is sent to you (for us residents).From their website :
How does the point system work?
We have designed a point system that is easy to understand. Each point is worth 1 cent, so completing a survey for 50 CREDIT POINTS will reward you with 50 cents. Once you have reached 2000 CREDIT POINTS, you are able to cash your points in for actual cash.

How c…

Windows Slow Boot

Sometimes your computer becomes very slow even if tried everything from deleting unnecessary files to using softwares that accelerate your windows and claim to make your PC faster.

Most of the time, the problem lies in the Windows Registry. The registry is a huge database that contains all information about your computer, these information are needed to perform any task by the computer.

The windows registry contains information about your hardware, installed software, the file system, user profiles, power management and every piece of software that you installed on the PC, and lot more.

Sometimes the Registry information gets corrupted, sometimes errors occur, leading to corruption of some data in the registry causing many errors in windows, slow performance and slow boot. You can't edit the registry unless you are a proffessional user, otherwise you may cause damage to your system.

Scan The Registry now for free. Repairing the registry system will really solve your problems and impro…

Let's Happy Christmas !

Image from
Funny English :).
Happy new year.